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You Can Discover True Love
I Discovered True Love

   I wrote Treasures from the Cross so you could discover the greatest love you will ever know. This treasure is Jesus Christ and His awesome love for you. He is the most valuable treasure you could ever find. His life is not only "The Greatest Story Ever Told," but also the Greatest LOVE Story.

   The gateway to realizing this love story is comprehending the meaning of Christ's death on the cross—and that He died for you.

Unfortunately, most of us go through life without realizing the depth of God's passionate love for us —a love so great that He would rather die an excruciating death than live in heaven without you. If we only knew how much He desires to have a personal relationship with us. You can experience this true love for yourself today!

    The mystery of Jesus' suffering and death by crucifixion has been difficult for me to comprehend. Perhaps you feel the same way. I used to think that this was just a tradition handed down to us by the church and not having much relevance for our generation in the 21st century.

But then I discovered God was truly alive today and that the Bible was indeed true. I had a life-changing encounter with Christ, and I began to see things in a whole different light.

   Since then, during my forty years of being a Christian, the Holy Spirit has given me insights into the meaning of Christ's death on the cross, and my book Treasures from the Cross is the result.

I have written this book because I am eager to help you discover its deeper meanings, just as I did—and not only to help you discover them, but to encourage you to go beyond the discovery to obtaining them and living a richer Christian life because of them.

   Nearly 2000 years ago, on a Roman cross, Jesus Christ purchased incredible spiritual wealth for each one of us. These treasures that Christ paid so dearly for are the most expensive you will ever be offered.

Jesus wants you to understand these marvelous gifts so you can respond to His love and receive them. How many gifts are you aware of that Jesus bought personally for you through His death and resurrection?

by David Skeba

   Of all the vast knowledge that you can gather in this Information Age, these are the most valuable truths that you could ever know in this life because it has eternal ramifications.

   So what exactly did Jesus accomplish for us by His death and resurrection?


These hidden treasures are just
waiting to be discovered.

Discover how much He really loves you.

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