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David Skeba
David Skeba

    David Skeba grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His boyhood days were filled with sports and a fascination with wars and battles in American history. His life’s goal was to become a fighter pilot. Having an alcoholic father, David’s childhood was a turbulent one; however, many of the qualities that he would need later in his life were formed during this time. The Holy Spirit graciously worked in David’s life and God’s hand was upon him.
Together with his mother and sister, Lorraine, David attended a Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Though he heard about God at home and at church – and even believed that He existed – David was prone to get into trouble.

    Upon graduation, David was accepted at a branch school of the University of Tennessee on a football scholarship – enrolling in its Reserved Officers Training Corps program to pursue his fighter pilot aspirations. It was a dream come true! At college, with new-found independence, he quit going to church and began to live his life as though God didn’t exist.

    After his freshman year at UT, David watched his dream disappear. His new carefree lifestyle resulted in getting into trouble with some of his teammates on campus, and as a result, it cost him his football scholarship. Like sand through his fingers, this tremendous opportunity escaped his grasp as quickly as it came.

    The Holy Spirit was working in David’s life. Indeed, this crisis got David’s attention. A short time later he found himself kneeling at a bedside in a minister’s home on a cold, but sunny Friday afternoon in February 1967, repenting of his sins, receiving Jesus Christ into his heart, and making Him Ruler of his life.

    Looking up at the wall across the room, he saw the reflection of the setting sun, symbolic of the dying of his old rebellious life and the beginning of his new life in Christ. For the first time, David realized that God was truly alive. He had just experienced a life-changing encounter with his Creator. He was now embarking on a new relationship with Christ – a brand new start in life.

    To David’s surprise, within two months David felt God call him into full-time ministry – the last thing in the world he ever wanted to do. Finally, he made the agonizing decision to give up becoming a fighter pilot and to obey God’s call. In the fall of 1967, He attended Northeast Bible Institute in Green Lane, Pennsylvania – an Assemblies of God affiliated school. Next he enrolled at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri to finish his ministerial education.

    After college, David moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he pioneered the East Ridge Assembly of God Church from 1970 to 1973. In 1973, David was fully credentialed and ordained as a minister with the Assemblies of God. Then, from 1974 through 1979, David served in several churches as an assistant pastor.

    In 1979, during a transition time in his life, David responded to an opportunity to work at WPCB-TV40, a fledgling new Christian television ministry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eventually, David became Vice President of Programming. Among his many duties as Program Director has been reviewing program content and choosing programs to fill its 168 hour-per-week broadcast schedule. WPCB-TV has eventually become Cornerstone Television Network (CTVN), a national television ministry broadcasting 24 hours a day via satellite – covering much of the North American continent.

    David and his wife, Mary Anne, have been married for 28 years. (Click here for the wonderful, miraculous story of how God brought them together.)

    An avid student of the Bible, David continues to search for effective ways to communicate the power of Christ’s love that so radically changed his life. His prayer is that through his testimony and the resources he has developed, you will see Christ and the Bible in a new and different light – leading you to discover God in the same real and personal way as he did.

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