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Takes Three

     It was around 6 p.m. on a sunny autumn day in early October. As I was driving down the long, steep road at WPCB-TV, where I worked, I wished I were heading home. The way the sun was shining almost made my heart ache it was so beautiful. Single as I was, how I wished I had a boyfriend to share it with. But I was just taking my co-worker and friend, Penny, to the bottom of the hill to meet her husband who was late for an appointment. I had to return to work for four more hours.

     As soon as we got to the bottom, Keith was just pulling up. Penny hopped in their car and drove off. I proceeded to back up my car in the narrow area to turn around and head back to the TV station. I underestimated the drop-off at the edge of the road and felt my rear tires sink down into the ditch beside the road.

     I got out of my car and considered my predicament. Lifting up my eyes to heaven, I asked for help. Unexpectedly, I sensed this strong impression in my heart: "David will always be faithful to you."

     “David”, I said to myself, "What a time to be thinking about him. I have enough problems right now, and certainly didn’t need any more." You see, all we had done over the last 2 years was clash at work.

     Wondering what this strong impression within me meant, I looked up just then and saw a company van coming down the hill towards me. Help at last! It stopped. The door opened. And to my great surprise, would you believe it was David. After teasing me, “These women drivers... where’s your AAA card?”, he and another man who seemed to appear out of nowhere, lifted up the back of my small yellow Toyota and got my car out of the ditch.

     I was so overjoyed to be rescued from my situation that I impulsively put my arms around David and gave him a great big kiss on the cheek! We had not so much as given each other a friendly hug to this point. David just stood there, surprised.

     I asked him, “Do you want another kiss?” To my amazement he said, “Yes.” So I did; I gave him another kiss on the cheek. From that very hour, David’s eyes began to be opened toward me. It was as if scales fell from them. Suddenly, he began to see me in a whole new light…

     The perfect matchmaker had begun his amazing work. There’s so much more of the story that I want to share with you. But before I do, I’d like to introduce you to this wonderful matchmaker who ended my loneliness and years of dissatisfaction with my life.

     Who is this perfect matchmaker that I’m talking about? God is the Perfect Matchmaker!

     “How is God a matchmaker?” you may ask.

     Well, a “matchmaker” is a special someone who strikes the match that sparks a relationship of true love. God is the Perfect Matchmaker because God is perfect love! He ignites true love in the hearts of a man and a woman for each other, and He leads them into a compatible marriage relationship.

     But there’s something even more important that I want to share with you about Him. And it’s this: God’s perfect love brings imperfect people together with Himself through His perfect Son, Jesus Christ. I know this is true because even before I met David, He changed my life forever. I know God would like to do this for you, too. God, the Father, offers to match you in a loving relationship with His Son. Now there’s a perfect match!

     Here are some reasons why you should take God up on His offer even before you go looking for a soul mate.

     First, you’ll discover that this personal, spiritual relationship with God contains many of the same reciprocal elements as a human relationship: intimacy, expressions of love two-way communication, inner fulfillment and purpose, a sense of completeness, and much more.

     As in any strong relationship, two lovers commit themselves fully to each other. God has promised to commit Himself to you - if you commit yourself to Him. God will then provide for your every spiritual, emotional, and physical need – those things that a human being could not even begin to meet in your life.

     And you can be absolutely sure of this: He will never fail you, desert you, or reject you –EVER! Jesus will give you true, faithful, and unconditional love through the bad and good times, causing all things to work together with your very best in mind. He is that special Lover you’ve always been searching for. His love for you is so great that He died for your sins so that you could be with Him forever!

     Does all of this sound too good to be true? I can tell you that I’ve experienced this awesome relationship and love for myself. This is why I want so much to share these fantastic truths with you. You can start this relationship with Jesus Christ and find true love right now! Today is your day to meet your Perfect Match…Maker!

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